Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to leak Screenshots safely!

From leakreader2..our dear friend and comrade! But..before i give you that here is how to make sure you don't get caught leaking screen shots.
Hello faithkiller ,
i'm PuppetMaster from Censored. hope my english is good enough :)
here is a method to remove ALL NON image information from darkfall JPG's.
this is not 100% sure but the only way i can think information is hidden is in the data of the screenshots the darkfall engine generates.
this method removes ALL NON image sections, all exit and comment fields in the screenshots.
for exampe the exit header in the "dragonflyinglp2.jpg" on your site is 5425 bytes long. after this method this header is deleted.
  1. Create the directory C:\jpeg.
  2. Copy all pictures whose metadata you want to remove to C:\jpeg.
  3. Download the program file jhead.exe (
    ) to the folder C:\jpeg.
  4. Click on "Start" and then "Execute...".
  5. Windows 95/98/Me: Type
    and click on "OK".
    Windows NT/2000/XP: Type cmd.exe and click on "OK".
  6. Change to C:\jpeg. To do so, type the following (the words in brackets are instructions to be executed, not to be typed):
    c: (press return)
    cd\ (press return)
    cd jpeg (press return)
  7. To remove all metadata of all JPEG files in "C:\jpeg", type:
    jhead -purejpg imagename.jpg (press return)
If you need help please contact me.
I hope to see some new leaked darkfall screenshots soon :)
best regards

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  1. 1. open the saved image with any viewer
    2. copy it using the buttons "ALT"+"Print Screen".
    3. Paste the image in Paint
    4. (eventually) modify it in Paint covering infos
    5. Save it as Jpeg or whatelse you want.

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